Aur’s testimonial

My name is Aur.
I’m an 11 year old member of the White Pines Aikido Association, representing the children.
I’ve been practicing aikido at the White Pines Dojo for more than three years and nowadays I practice three times a week – once with kids and twice with adults.

There are 4 reasons why I like Aikido:
1. It is not competitive.
2. It helps build up confidence and awareness.
3. It’s a good workout.
4. It feels great!

Every term, the White Pines Dojo holds a gasshuku (seminar). The great things about gasshukus are the long classes with Jean Rene Sensei, getting together with kids from other dojos, outdoors activities between classes and Marcia’s mac-n-cheese.

Here are videos from the tests at the winter gasshuku of 2014.

The first one is called Tenshi-Nage. Tenshi means – “heaven and earth”. If you look at the hands of Netta (and later my hands) you can see that one is facing earth and the other is facing heaven.

The next technique is called Shiho-Nage. Na-ge means “throw”. As you can see – we throw each other a lot in Aikido but the nice thing is we learn how to fall in a soft and safe way.

I hope more kids will join the classes at the dojo so we could have more kids classes and I could practice with more people my size.

Kids Seminar!

Our next Kids Seminar will be held on Saturday, Dec. 20 from 11am- 5pm

Kates-kidsGasshukus, or seminars, are an important part of martial arts training.

Kids’ seminars offer an opportunity for children to practice endurance with longer intensive classes, and to create connections with their classmates they may not otherwise make during the rest of the term.

Testing, at the end of each seminar, also gives kids a chance to perform their skills, building confidence and earning respect.

Call the dojo (355-0009) to register, or for more info!