Kids Gasshuku June 10th, 2018


The next Kids’ Seminar will be held Sunday June 10th, 2018. Pick up your registration form at the dojo!

Class Schedule:

10:30 AM – 12 PMTraining
12 –  2 PMLunch (provided) & Free time
2 – 4 PMTraining
4 – 4:30 PMTesting


Fees: $35 for seminar, $15 testing fee for grading (promotions)

Call the dojo for more information, at 250-355-0009.

12 Weeks of Kids Classes in New Denver

Kids Classes for ages 3-5 and 6-9 will commence March 5th 2017, running Sundays for 12 weeks. This will be an opportunity for kids in the north Slocan Valley to try aikido classes closer to home. We will be taking a field trip to the main dojo in Slocan, and are invited to participate in a half-day seminar (date TBA). Rebecca, a student of Roland sensei and resident of New Denver, will offer children’s classes twice per year to expose kids to martial arts training, etiquette, and for fun. Her daughter will be in this year’s 3-5 year old class.

To Register, please contact

Children who would like to train year-round are encouraged to train at the main dojo. Bursaries for annual tuition costs are available, as well as uniform subsidies. Please contact Marcia for details.

Kids Gasshuku June 26th, 2016


The next Kids’ Seminar will be held Sunday June 26th. Pick up your registration form at the dojo!

Class Schedule:

10:30 AM – 12 PMTraining
12 –  2 PMLunch (provided) & Free time
2 – 4 PMTraining
4 – 4:30 PMTesting


Fees: $35 for seminar, $15 testing fee for grading (promotions)

Call the dojo for more information, or ask Roland sensei after regular kids class, Wednesdays and Sundays.

What a fun New Year’s Party!

I’ve got to say, this party was a success.

People started drifting in the door at around 4 pm. Most of the kids played downstairs in the dojo for a while, then joined the adults upstairs for sushi rolling.

Before we ate, we had a short aikido class. A few rolls, a bit of knee walking, and last but not least, a hundred sword cuts.

Sushi, dessert, then origami! I showed everyone how to make paper cranes, most of which went on to become mobiles to decorate the dojo.

And after that, everyone went back downstairs to watch a movie – Kiki’s Delivery Service!

And meanwhile, the adults sat outside ’round the campfire.

And here are a few more pictures, which I thought should be in this post because they’re so sweet:

I hope you all had a wonderful new year!

Evan’s Aikido Experience

Hi, my name is Evan and I am 10 years old. I’ve been doing Akido since I was 5.
When I was in the little kids class, I loved the games that Marcia Sensei would play with us. I liked Fishy Fishy, Spider Ball Tag and the obstacle courses that Marcia Sensei would do with us.
Now that I’m in the older kids class, I still love all of the games but now we get a chance to do real Akido moves with Roland Sensei. It feels neat to be able to put my opponent on the ground and be able to defend myself.
I would suggest doing Akido because it’s really fun and you get to learn how to do Self Defense. You get to run around a lot at Akido and have fun with your friends.

Aur’s testimonial

My name is Aur.
I’m an 11 year old member of the White Pines Aikido Association, representing the children.
I’ve been practicing aikido at the White Pines Dojo for more than three years and nowadays I practice three times a week – once with kids and twice with adults.

There are 4 reasons why I like Aikido:
1. It is not competitive.
2. It helps build up confidence and awareness.
3. It’s a good workout.
4. It feels great!

Every term, the White Pines Dojo holds a gasshuku (seminar). The great things about gasshukus are the long classes with Jean Rene Sensei, getting together with kids from other dojos, outdoors activities between classes and Marcia’s mac-n-cheese.

Here are videos from the tests at the winter gasshuku of 2014.

The first one is called Tenshi-Nage. Tenshi means – “heaven and earth”. If you look at the hands of Netta (and later my hands) you can see that one is facing earth and the other is facing heaven.

The next technique is called Shiho-Nage. Na-ge means “throw”. As you can see – we throw each other a lot in Aikido but the nice thing is we learn how to fall in a soft and safe way.

I hope more kids will join the classes at the dojo so we could have more kids classes and I could practice with more people my size.

Kids Seminar!

Our next Kids Seminar will be held on Saturday, Dec. 20 from 11am- 5pm

Kates-kidsGasshukus, or seminars, are an important part of martial arts training.

Kids’ seminars offer an opportunity for children to practice endurance with longer intensive classes, and to create connections with their classmates they may not otherwise make during the rest of the term.

Testing, at the end of each seminar, also gives kids a chance to perform their skills, building confidence and earning respect.

Call the dojo (355-0009) to register, or for more info!

Slocan Spring Clean-up Day May 18th

Sunday May 18th we’ll be walking into Slocan from the dojo to clean up the trash revealed by the spring melt. This is a great opportunity to show kids that we care for our greater environment and community.

Join us for a snack at 1pm (after kids classes), and we’ll start walking at 1:30 toward town. Gloves will be provided; please dress in weather appropriate grubbies and shoes.

“Dot Day” 2014 Success!

Kids Class

Big thanks to Area H voters who will make aikido more accessible to kids in the Slocan Valley. Our project was fully supported, raising $1,200 towards kids tuition subsidies. Stay tuned for more info about how your child can benefit from this bursary in October.

Kids stretch

Please vote to support our young and vibrant kids aikdo community. For more information about Sticker Voting Day or the Children’s Tuition Bursary, please contact Rebecca Sargent at

Note: All ‘Area H’ residents, including Brandon, vote at Winlaw Hall on April 5th 1-3pm.

Aikido Fun! Young kids class schedule

Kids-Class-7Aikido Fun introduces young children (3-6 yrs.) basic dojo etiquette and respect, as well as aikido movements such as evasion and rolling through games, simple obstacle courses, and mimicking animals. Please call 355-0009 to register.

Winter term (after winter break) classes will resume Sunday January 11th 2015;  Spring term classes begin March 30th 2015.

Aikido Fun classes are at 11am- 11:45 on Sundays